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Offering a few types of pre planning. Donation to be determined accordingly.

€ 300 is just an outline of my BASE FEES per hour. Reach out directly for more HOURLY RATES tailored to your taste.

The same money you would give out for gifts to a girlfriend, 

is the same I ask for offering you the best parts of a girlfriend, without the burdens

of “good-bye” when we need to part ways!

Sending you love,


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Advance booking via Email is my gold standard.


Only Emails and scheduled calls via Email will be answered.
Thank You.


Please send your age, city and date of the meeting with your introduction.

In modern times, short bursts of communication are common.

Lots of people want to get to the point too quickly, but this disrespectful approach has a negative effect on me, hence this client archetype WILL NEVER BE ANSWERED.



Wondering what my donation is? First timers or shy men are wonderful and I have a soft spot for shy men. I have a natural way about me that will set you at ease and make you comfortable. EMAIL ME to find out the suggested donation.


A tangible confirmation with a some down payment involved is always appreciated, never required.
I value and appreciate all the amazing gents and couples that provide me with a small deposit (but please do NOT donate amounts of over EUR 100) to discuss and ensure their rendezvous, and in some cases weeks ahead of time, without me even having to ask!

At any event, kindly contact me right BEFORE any possible electronic transaction via PayPal (found on the bottom left of the screen) for a final confirmation on my availability.

But for admirers with highest gentlemanly qualities and who just want to bring out their utmost reverence for divine feminine energy with a symbolic amount via Amazon Gift Cards there’s of course no need to ask! I can tell we make a great match and if I am treated to a gift through my email ALLEZ_ZOU@ZOHO.COM after the initial surprise I will write back quickly!




and due to a load of inconsistent request by Italians, regretfully my phone that for a successful SEO has been on Google since 2015 and here is posted as a proof of transparency, is now OFF unless l arrange a call via Email. 
My apologies to ENGLISH speaking and INTERNATIONAL admirers who will kindly oblige my requested format for email and for a more civilized way of communicating.

+39 338 121 80 21

I do not take into account SMS nor do I trust my business life to WhatsApp !

Refrain from texting if we never met before. I will block your number – we are not a good fit, unfortunately.


A word of THANKS to the considerate gem of gentleman who is OKAY with using EMAIL to get our thoughts communicated first, and then using a SCHEDULED CALL when we will both have a higher bandwidth conversation, with a strong emphasis on DISCRETION !

IT MAY ENSURE YOUR COMFORT LEVEL to check Preferred411 which is very helpful for mutual screening of integrity and compatibility, and my P411 vetted member id # p271886



Sure thing is, I am a 90% daytime dater, and not working all day around the clock.
Not overly active on my technology after 10 PM and my phone’s OFF unless I arrange a call via email. 
Kindly inquire with notice, and I may be flexible at night on a schedule drawn up together.

Advance booking via Email is my gold standard.  


I’m open to correspond, providing it does not take more than 3 emails from my side before I expect you to confirm your intentions.

If not, any time wasting attempt to catch me remains in vain, and that is final.

For Couples

The planning of the perfect FMF Threesome

Please be 40 and over! 

Your ethnicity or religion is of no consequence to me, but I do not meet everyone who inquires, for obvious reasons. If you are an ultra sophisticated couple who understands the value of intellectual intimacy, and you are eloquent and include all information requested from the get-go, then I look forward to hearing from you, and meeting you soon.
Discretion assured at all times.

MAY I SUGGEST YOU verify as well if we are a match. I tend to be more accessible via email, so please get in touch via email. But before finally making arrangements you will be invited to call direct ! From what I hear, it’s all about the hype most of the time, a classic bait and switch routine and no good command on English to have a nice chat, share your thoughts and urges. All high expectations that a cultivated elite company like me needs to attain.


I am full of positive vibes and curves. Enough to keep you satiated for many hours!
Donations vary by location, time and duration. Please inquire.

PLEASE NOTE  If for any reason you are not willing to go through the Email button, you are kindly asked to get in touch via my Email address



The longer notice provided the better for the successful outcome of your request.

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