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Be informed

I am an Elite Tantra GFE
and I do NOT engage in
massage with some extras
tensed back-shoulders-neck
sessions of any kind.

Please refer to the hotel’s concierge
for basic body rub!

firma anna


Hello Admirer, my name is Anna and I thank you for your attention today!

My home base is Naples ūüí† Milan is my second home.
I love traveling both for business and pleasure, with enthusiasm and natural curiosity to commit to only very few dates. Having said that, Milan is the favourite extension of my availability.

I cater specifically to the mature and elite to premier accommodations, and with proper notice I meet you everywhere at your residence or at your hotel by personal request.

Invite me to join you as your travel-with-you lady to accompany you during your stay, and I guarantee a high quality experience.

My expertise is in Tantra, and I happen to be an Upscale Companion… making it a enchanting intersection for us to meet! Or better yet, here on the net, neotantra is my thing, and I’ll be happy to clear up any confusion, and all sorts of myths and misconceptions going around Tantra, if needed, when we will meet and relax.

I am not a “massage service” type of a date.

So if you are looking for a good massage for your sore and tensed back shoulders neck, I am sorry I am not your girl.

Meeting with me is like a natural and fun date with an Upscale Companion, and you can expect a real exchange of laughs, human heat and expertise in making love.
You will find it nice particularly the fact that I am a Tantric woman who knows how a body works, physically and energetically. And the key difference between any other exquisite, exclusive companion and me is the added possibility of unlocking your sexual power via an ancient thousands-year-old practice of liberation.

Why “ArtOfMassage” if there’s no massage in the package?

If you are a little uncertain about how typical session does look like, I recommend centering your understanding around the fact that I do not know you, so how can I even imagine what our date would be like? And not one date is ever like another.

So if what you’re looking for is a real sensual, erotic experience, something with tantric, teasing, build up, and climax for sure, you are at the right place. I shall do a fair amount of erotic stimuli and foreplay, to awaken all your senses and relinquish all inhibitions and preconceived notions, and to cause a state of sexual arousal or anticipation of such.
In sum, if I perceive deep layers of mental and physical tension to be removed to take you to the next stage, I will provide you with a reputable overall body massage to relax your body from head to toes. And my “ArtOfMassage” becomes the added bonus.

But our date is also dependent upon your mindset.
It’s already happened that while one-on-one with the client, with me focusing on the sensual massage technique, I realized that the gentleman was not interested in Tantric topics but only able to glance at my perfectly shaped body, and the energy in the room was just on another vibration. And anything else was a waste of time and space.

While I honor those who deeply connect one way touch (from me to you) release, our time together might as well be interactive, and I do not get offended. And if you prefer instead a higher level of excitation, you may come around with your own feel-good things.

Let’s determine together, when we are finally face-to-face, what you are ready to experience. Giving pleasure is an art of its own and I do possess the brush and canvas, no doubts.
I’m open to anything that may happen within a GFE, like exploring the whole range of pleasurable options that make for some good, good Sex! And my whole body and my hand and/or my mouth will accompany you until the explosion of pleasure, leaving you refreshed and released.

I hope you can see that I am all about being authentic. My personality and character are organic and real, but more importantly, so are my laugher and climaxes. I’m a bad actress and a worse liar: speeding things with a fauxgasm it’s not my thing. How far we go depends on the feedback you and your body give me. I will defer to you. At any event, my outercourse & intercourse rates are the same.

Outcall Escort Service Only

Travel days not advertised publicly, and it’s not often I can accommodate same day requests. Be sure you do not just bookmark my website to give a call later…
Email to inquire today, and I will gladly advise the dates.

ŠÉ¶ ‚Ąí‚Ąīts ‚Ąī∆í ‚Ąí‚Ąī—Ķ‚ĄĮ ŠÉ¶
Anna ArtOfMassage

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